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Good manners is also another important personality trait of a gentlemen

Respect is of the utmost importance. Being in my presence I expect to be treated like a lady 


Please take care of the donation request at the beginning of our date. My contributions are not to be discussed or negotiated upon meeting. Please present the donation in an unsealed envelope in the open upon our private meeting before we begin. If we meet in a public place: Please make sure my contribution is presented in a book for me to enjoy later or a thank you card placed on the table in plain sight.


Information given for screening is to verify you are who you say you are and for my safety. Without exception.

  • I require all first-time gentlemen to be screened.

   (  Screening is mandatory for new friends - no exceptions )

Its important that we both value our discretion and privacy therefore personal information should not be shared .

I have no problem signing an NDA or privacy policy prior to our date if that makes you feel more at ease.

Healthy and Hygiene 

Because I so appreciate our time together, I will go to great lengths to prepare myself, right down to every detail.

I will always be impeccably groomed and freshly showered, I expect the same from you.


I will always go to great lengths to arrive on time. If I am ever late, I will promptly notify you. Our time together starts from the moment we meet. If you wish to extend our time together, please have the required donation available.

Clients who cancel dates within the 24 hour period will be required to pay a $200 rebooking fee.

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