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Fly me to you 

Passport ready 

Let’s go on an adventure together and share memorable moments whether it be a boring business trip you want to spice up or a vacation you don’t want to forget I will gladly join you. 

3hrs $3,000

6hrs $4,000

12hrs $6,000

24hrs $8,000

2 Days $10,000

3 Days $12,000

4 Days. - 7 Days :  please contact me to discuss.

Looking for something unique? Please contact to discuss .

Travel requirements 

  • Airfare & transportation are additional to my rates. All travel expenses are expected to be paid up front by you. 

  • First/Business class are appreciated.

  • Extend my stay: $1,500/per day.

  • I appreciate a healthy sleep schedule.

  • Upscale/Luxury hotel arrangements.

  • West Coast minimum: 6hrs | East Coast minimum: 3hrs

  • I require weeks notice for all international travel (more is always preferred) and 3 days for dates within the USA.

  • To confirm our getaway, I require 100% of the travel itinerary & deposit cost to be covered so that I can make the proper travel arrangements.

  • A 50% deposit must be paid via venmo, or google wallet for travel bookings to be confirmed.

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